What is WordPress?

WordPress is a way to create your website or blog in a simple way. It creates 43% of websites on the internet. According to research, out of four websites, one is hosted by WordPress. Content management System is a tool that manages the important aspects of your website. WordPress makes it accessible to everyone on your website even if you are not developers.

Previously, WordPress was the primary tool to create blogs and websites. Nowadays, changes of core code and also WordPress with plugins and themes. You can create any type of website through WordPress. Here, you can add large numbers of blogs and business sites.

If you want to add Tooltip in your WordPress, then you can easily do so. Tooltips are little boxes that pop up when you hover over the area and click on your WordPress websites. In this, you can add extra information without creating crowding in the area. Tooltips can clarify the content of your website. You just need to add a tooltip and add a few lines of code.

WordPress Tooltips

When visitors hover over your website then a small box appears on your website. Its main purpose is to inform visitors about content. These objects can be videos, GIFs, images, and about everything that you put on your website page. 

For instance

If you want to add images to your blog then Tooltip will show the date of the picture taken and name of the images and the area where the pictures were taken and also show the name of the photographer many things will show in tooltips. So, tooltips clear in the mind of the visitor which he was unaware of. There are various ways available in the market to add Tooltips to your WordPress site by plugins and shortcodes. It needs professional skills that plugins can be applied easily. Both methods are useful and easy to apply.

WordPress Glossary 

When a topic is explained in different terms by different people in industry. The topic was explained easily and the alphabetical list made it more attractive and user-friendly. The Glossary increases the understanding of readers. 

Benefits of Glossary

  • Improves readings of readers

It provides clear understanding of technical topics of whole content. Reading skills of readers improve through Glossary.

  • SEO enhancement

If Glossary is well crafted then it improves search engine optimization (SEO). Glossary used keywords that help to blog higher rank in SERPs.

  • Create good content

You can engage with content through Glossary. It also increases interest in reading and the learning of readers.

Type of WordPress Tooltips plugins

  1. Tooltips glossary plugins 

Wikipedia and Merriam-Webster both integrated with tooltip glossary plugins. Pricing can also vary according to version and edition. 

Site organization and SEO improvement can be handled through tooltips glossary plugins. Plug-in can create a glossary index page and users can use several multiple index pages. A wonderful Tooltip increases the website experience. It provides the meaning of particular terms and adds links to other pages.

If the visitor moves his mouse in any particular area then the tooltip glossary plugin defines that particular term. Plugins nowadays allow adding video, audio, and images. 12 templates are ready which helps to customize and also your work done. One of the most important things is that it’s free of cost.


  • Through Google Translate, you can change its language according to your interest.
  • Help to add and create Glossary that can be linked with Wikipedia.
  • Social sharing of terms can also be possible through Glossary.
  1. Tooltip plugin in WordPress

It helps to add customization and other options in your tooltip. It helps to add meaning to the term and also definition through a different source like Webster and Wikipedia.

The plugin helps to manage keywords of the tooltip. It’s easy to use and also simple. It allows you to add keywords to your content. Content titles and tags automatically display in the tooltip box. This amazing feature is available for free.


  • It helps to transfer tooltip files into CSV files.
  • The Glossary index page can be on/off
  • Shortcodes can be easily add
  • A color customization option is also available.
  1. CK Tooltips in the WordPress plugin

In this Tooltip, you can add any type of tooltip. It can be images, video, animation, etc. Modification options are also available like border-radius, gradients, and opacity. Uses of shortcodes can also make Glossary on any page. 

It can also be localized and can also change language according to pot file support. The tooltip motion feature with fading effect increases the appearance of tooltips. 

Realism, animation, increased with simple custom options like length, delay, and content also. The plugin can be useful for touch devices and smartphones.


  • Media format can be supported. 
  • Integration of shortcodes is also available. 
  • It’s compatible with all devices.
  • Customization is also available.
  1. Pro Tooltips

It can be used in any type of content and it can support many languages. Post titles and keywords can be added in Tooltip. It creates simple things and also adds a wide variety of color schemes color can be red and green etc. plugins can easily switch devices.


  • Various Pop-up options are available
  • Various types of files are supported through this tooltip.
  1. Tooltip jetTricks

JetTricks is a powerful tooltip widget that helps to create interactive and informative tooltips for your website. Additional context, explanation, and tooltip for content helpful for users of your website. Design can be customized and positioning options also help to engage and provide guidance for your audience.


  • Animation effects can also be figured.
  • The flexibility of content (you can add elements in the tooltip)
  1. Elementor in Tooltip

It is a unique tooltip that hides underlying text until hovers take the mouse over the text, icon, and images. It provides quick clarification of information to the user. It shows details of images and text in a neat manner. Accuracy and precision of message which is useful for the user. Text  will give information about content. 


  • Various types of content can be available.
  • Every link is supported.
  • Customization is also available.
  • Tooltip speed can also manage and change
  1. Pro encyclopaedia tooltips

Output can be changed with HTML templates. It is a high-quality glossary plugin and also for RSS feeds. 


  • Easy to use
  • Content flexible.
  1. Simple WordPress Tooltips

It’s a simple way to add tooltips to your website. There is also a color setting available with a simple tooltip. 

  1. Mobile- Friendly Tooltips

It can be seen in wide screen and narrow screen.  Shortcode available on your website. It proceeds with a key in the tooltips content. 

This WordPress creative should be pocket friendly at the starting point of your website. If you want to create an attractive website then you need to add themes to the website. Thousands of themes are available in the market. Choose suitable themes for your website which are easily matched with your brand’s style and match with a product of your company. Themes can be managed in different styles. Creativity can be matched with usability. Audience aspect to great experience so choose wisely your website theme. Creative WordPress is standing out to be different making the website memorable in the eyes of the audience and users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is WordPress?

A1: WordPress is a popular content management system that allows you to create websites and blogs easily. It powers 43% of all websites on the internet and is accessible to non-developers as well.

Q2: How can I add Tooltips to my WordPress website?

A2: To add Tooltips to your WordPress website, you can use plugins or shortcodes. Plugins like “Tooltips Glossary” and “WordPress Tooltip” are available for this purpose and can be easily applied.

Q3: What are the benefits of using a Glossary in WordPress?

A3: Using a Glossary in WordPress improves readers’ understanding of technical topics, enhances SEO, and increases engagement with your content.

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