Through this post, I want to talk about skills that will help you to achieve WordPress excellence for any WordPress-based website, as we are familiar with the importance of websites in any business and organization. And hence, you need to know about many of such aspects to maintain and optimize any website easily.

If you are running a site or working on it, you must know several essential tools to optimize its overall performance. And hence, I prepared a list of tools WordPress websites need today to perform well. 

You can try your hands on the following list of essential tools to achieve excellent performance on your website. I’m sure using these valuable tools both the people who run their websites and developers will earn the best. Have a look at all:

1. WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

This browser extension is for Google Chrome as it adds a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts to help you interact with WordPress efficiently. These keyboard shortcuts are truly a time saver. Go for them for sure.

2. Grammarly

One of the most-effective and helpful tools to make any document impactful. It reviews your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, detects plagiarism, and guides replacements in the detected errors/sentences. Its editing features work like a pro within the WordPress dashboard. And trust me, it reduces the stress of writing fine content for any website. Trust me, it makes you superfluous in English grammar.

3. Dimensions

It is a must-have browser extension for developers to measure screen dimensions. It just needs your mouse pointer to measure the distance between the design elements on your screen. All it will do is make the layout and design of the site impressive.

4. GetSiteControl

To create user engagement on any website, you can use this tool. It has a set of 7 interactive widgets to help small and medium businesses to promote their special offers, collect emails, conduct surveys, upsell, etc.

Although, it is best for email list building as it collects email addresses in three different forms such as:

  • Email Opt-in
  • Survey
  • Contact

As per my own experience, it’s too good to lead generation, real-time analytics, and advanced targeting as it has user behavior features.

5. WPLegalPages

As per the law, there are various privacy policies on websites. And for online businesses, it is mandatory to declare their legal policies. For this important task, you can use WPLegalPages which offers pre-built templates for 24+ legal policies. To create these templates over vital legal policies, established lawyers and internet attorneys are considered. This tool has shortcode integration, customizable legal pages, and extended menu options too.

6. Icons8

In my experience, icons say a lot about your website. Not just makes the site visually attractive but easy to navigate too. To make your website better, Icons8 is the right tool. 

Honestly speaking, to create an appealing website,  this tool offers over 70,200 free flat icons that you can use on social platforms and operating systems. With this easy-to-use tool, drag-and-drop icon options are available along with the leading operating systems such as iOS, Windows, and Android followed by the developers of Icons8.

7. NextGEN Gallery

Are you looking for a tool to add a whole new feature?

Using this tool, you can easily create full-fledged galleries for your website to display your photos, art, and more. This tool is interactive for professional photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals as it offers a WordPress gallery management system.

8. Optimole

If your website has images and it takes up more time to open the webpage then you’ll have to use Optimole. As it optimizes the images to reduce the load time on your site page. It’s quite true that online shoppers might not return to your website in case it takes more than 3 seconds to load and hence, it reduces the website’s performance somehow.
All in all, use the Optimole tool, a cloud-based system to speed up your site as it has key features to easily compress images, Bulk-optimize any old images(JPEG and PNG), resize any images on the website, and so on.

9. Elementor

Here is the coolest addition you must need for your website: Elementor.

Yes, it is a visual page builder helpful in crafting original designs for your pages. With this, you can add eye-catching custom designs, effects such as background overlays, hover effects, animations, and a lot more just by doing a drag-and-drop action.

Besides all these key features, it has good compatibility with the Gutenberg editor and several other plugins also. In its library, you’ll get 300+ built templates to make a beautiful website.

10. MonsterInsights

How about knowing the users’ behavior on your website?

Well! Is it possible?

Of course, MonsterInsights is an advanced tool for knowing your audience. It performs Google Analytics about the visitors to provide relevant data. It helps in understanding how the visitors are consuming your website content too. Simply it creates an audience profile, learns about the visitors, how much time they spend on your website, what interests them, keywords they are looking for, etc. For insightful data, this tool is beyond the best. And as per experts, it makes it easy to know your site traffic and audience.

All I can say about it is: Grow your business by knowing your audience.


To create a highly engaging WordPress site, you need different tools as per your website’s requirements/services. Of these above-mentioned tools, many of them already have a strong position in the world of websites, and many of these tools are doing well to make an impactful place to build a top-class WordPress website. Hence, you can enhance the overall performance of your website using these must-have tools.

I hope you like my real data to justify these 10 must-have WordPress tools.

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite WordPress development tool in the comment section! So, I’ll install it on my WPress Creative Website too.

Till then, Have fun!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Minimum requirements to run WordPress?
Not that much more requirements are needed:

  • PHP 7 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • HTTPS support (Recommended)

Is WordPress SEO-friendly?
Yes, it is SEO-friendly. It has a setup to manage and improve your SEO and for this, you need to use your SEO skills.

Does my website slow down if I install too many plugins?
Well, maybe. All of it depends on the size, function, and quality of the plugins you installed.

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