Unlock the secrets to online success with our expert analysis of ClickFunnels vs WordPress in 2023. Find out which platform reigns supreme and propels your business to new heights!

Many platforms are available for creating websites, sales funnels, and landing pages, but WordPress and Clickfunnel are the most renowned options.

This blog post will provide a deep analysis of Clickfunnels and wordpress. We would also discuss which platform is best for you according to your budget and the features your business needs.

Following is the outline of this blog post

  • Clickfunnels vs WordPress Introduction
  • Clickfunnels VS WordPress price
  • Clickfunnels vs WordPress customisation
  • Clickfunnels VS WordPress Easy To Use
  • Clickfunnels vs WordPress publishing tools
  • Clickfunnels VS WordPress E-commerce
  • FAQS
  • Conclusion

1:Clickfunnels vs WordPress Introduction

Introduction of WordPress :

WordPress is an open-source content management system. Using WordPress, you can create any website, blog, sales funnel, and landing page. You may need to install some plugins for additional marketing and salesfunnel features. WordPress platform is a good choice if you are new in the digital world and don’t know about coding.

Introduction of Clickfunnels:

ClickFunnels help businesses increase sales and revenue by creating effective salesfunnels that guide potential customers through buying.
ClickFunnels provides a user-friendly interface for building sales funnels, sequences of web pages designed to guide potential customers through a specific conversion process. The platform offers a variety of templates and tools for creating landing pages, order forms, upsell pages, and other types of funnel pages.

2:Clickfunnels VS WordPress Easy To Use

As compared to WordPress platforms, click funnels software is easy to use. It comes with premade templates and a visual editor. You can create a salesfunnel using the template without installing any plugins to get funnel features. Clickfunnel is all about salesfunnel, so its most features are related to funnels.
On the other side, to create a salesfunnel on wordpress, you must install some funnels plugins such as Cartflows, WPfunnel and Funnelkit. It can be challenging to create a sales funnel on wordpress for those who are non-techy and don’t know much about technical things.

3:Clickfunnels vs WordPress customisation

Compared to clickfunnels, the WordPress platform provides more features to customise the website content. You can customise the content, design, features and all inner technical thing according to your website requirements. wordpress provides unlimited plugins for enhancing the website features. You can easily customise the website and enhance features by using plugins.
Clickfunnels software provides a limited feature for customisation. Clickfunnel provides premade templates and a draganddrop editor, which makes it easier to create a sales funnel without technical skills.

However, these templates have limitations, and if you want to customise your funnel beyond the pre-built templates, you might need to hire a developer or learn how to code. Clickfunnels also has fewer integrations than WordPress, which can hinder your ability to customise your sales funnel fully. Therefore, if you need more flexibility and control over your website, WordPress may be a better choice for customisation.

4:Clickfunnels vs WordPress publishing tools

Regarding publishing tools, both ClickFunnels and WordPress offer many options. ClickFunnels is specifically designed to create high-converting sales funnels, so its publishing tools are geared towards that purpose.

ClickFunnels makes it easy to publish your funnel and start collecting leads and sales. With ClickFunnels, you can also set up custom domains and integrate them with payment gateways, making selling your products or services directly from your funnel easy.

On the other hand, WordPress is a more versatile platform that can be used for various websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, and portfolios. WordPress’s powerful content management system (CMS) allows you to create and publish content easily.

You can customise the design of your website using themes and plugins, and WordPress also has a variety of publishing options, including scheduling posts, creating custom post types, and more. WordPress has a vast library of plugins that allow you to enhance your website’s functionality and publish content in different formats.

5:Clickfunnels VS WordPress E-commerce

By integrating the woocommerce plugin and Easydigitaldownload with the wordpress platform, you can create an e-commerce website with unlimited features. The Woocommerce plugin provides you with endless options for creating your online store. You can also integrate various payment methods like Paypal, Payoneer, stripes, etc. Most businesses are using the WordPress platform for creating Ecommerce stores.
Conversely, you can also create an e-commerce store on clickfunnels. But clickfunnels provides limited features.

With ClickFunnels, you can create product pages, order forms, and checkout pages to sell your products. ClickFunnels also integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, making it easy to collect payments. However, ClickFunnels has a different level of e-commerce features than platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce.

6:Clickfunnels VS WordPress price

When it comes to pricing, both models have different prices.ClickFunnels has a straightforward pricing model with two main plans: the Basic plan at $97 per month and the Platinum plan at $297 per month. Both plans offer a range of features, including funnel templates, email marketing tools, and payment gateway integrations.
On the other hand, to use the wordpress platform, you must buy the domain and hosting to create a wordpress website. You can purchase the domain and hosting from various platforms according to your budget, such as Bluehost, Hostgator, and Namecheap. You may also be required to buy premium themes and plugins to integrate more functionality into your website.


Can we use Clickfunnels with WordPress?

Yes! By installing the sales funnel plugin, you can use it directly. You can also embed code and integrate it with the wordpress platform.

Is WordPress better than Clickfunnels?

Worpress has unlimited Customization options and features as compared to clickfunnels. Clickfunnles has limited options and is only designed to create a sales funnel. If we compare both, WordPress is a better option.

Does WordPress have a funnel builder?

No! wordpress does not have a funnel builder. But you can use funnels by using wordpress plugins such as WPfunnels &Funnel kit.


WordPress and Clickfunnles have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you have a limited budget and want unlimited features, it’s better to use the wordpress platform. It’s easy to use, highly flexible and customisable. Clickfunnels is also the best option if you only want to create a sales funnel.
Let me know in the comments which software you like the most and why? I am excited to read your comments:)

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