Connecting a Godaddy domain to Cloudways is a complex process. But in this blog, we will explain how you can connect your Godaddy domain to cloud hosting by using the 7 easy steps mentioned below. 

  • Log in to the cloudways account.
  • Launch Server
  • Copy the Public Api address
  • Login to domain Hosting/ Godaddy account>Visits DNS area of domain
  • Change the record of the domain
  • Add Domain Name
  • Install SSL

1:Login to the cloud way account: The first step in logging into your cloud account is to connect the domain. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free trial. In this image, you can see the existing account in the cloud way.

show the cloud hosting screenshot|Step 1

2:Launch a New Server: After logging into your Cloudways account, click on the “Launch a New Server” button. Then, select your desired hosting platform and application. Once you’ve completed these steps, click the “Launch Now” button to launch your new server.

3:Copy the Public Api address: We need a Public API address for connecting our domain with cloudways. After that, click on the Domain Management option on the left for later use.

Screenshot of 2n step |Copy the public IP for connecting from cloudway to godaddy

4:Login Godaddy account: Now Login to your domain hosting server and visit the DNS area of your domain name. You will see the screen like this. You can select the nameserver here.

Screenshot 4:This screen will appear if you have domain on godaddy

5:Change domain Record name: Now you need to change the A  record of your domain name. Click on the edit icon and edit the default entry. If it’s not available, you can add the following data. After this process, save the Entry.

  • Type: A
  • Name: @
  • Value: IP Address (here we will copy the IP address of our Cloudways Application and paste here)
  • TTL:

Enter All records

 6:Enter Domain Name: In the next step, you need to go to your Cloudways account >Application > Click on the Domain Management icon. Add your domain name in the temporary domain name and save.

Connect domain

7: You need to install an SSL certificate 

After this process of 20 minutes, your domain will be successfully connected to cloudways.

In conclusion, connecting a Godaddy domain to Cloudways is a simple process. With just a few steps, you can enjoy the benefits of managed hosting services offered by Cloudways. Whether you’re switching from Godaddy hosting or want to use Cloudways for your website, this process will ensure that your website is up and running in no time.

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