“Ready to take your website’s earnings to the next level? Unleash the power of these Top 6 WordPress Advertisement Plugins in 2023 and watch your profits soar!”

WordPress Advertisement plugins are software tools. These tools are designed to help owners to monetize their websites by showing ads on their websites. Advertisement is one of the best earning sources.
You can earn an amount by monetizing your website. Many softwares are available in the marketplace, which can help you to show ads in the right place on your website.

These ad plugins allow Website owners to insert ads from various advertising networks, such as Google AdSense, Media.net, and Amazon Associates, among others, into their website’s content, sidebar, header, footer, or other specific sections of their website.

In this post, we will discuss why advertisement plugins are important and the Five best advertisement plugins for your WordPress website.

Following is the outline of this blog post!

  • What are the WordPress Advertisement plugins?
  • Why should website owners use Ad-placement plugins?
  • TOP 5 Advertisment plugins
  • Final Thoughts

Why should website owners use Advertisement plugins?

It can be difficult for some website owners to display ads on websites by adding custom code. Adding code on themes files can be a little hustle for a non-techy person.

Many themes do not provide a place to ad display. To solve this problem, Advertisement plugins come to rescue you. You can show ads on your website anywhere, analyse the ad’s performance, and grow your business.

There are the following reasons why website owners should use advertisement plugins.

  • Advertisement plugins offer a simple and user-friendly way to manage ads on a WordPress website. You don’t need to learn complex coding or technical skills.
  • These plugins allow website owners to display ads from various advertising networks, including Google AdSense, Media.net, and Amazon Associates.
  • Advertisement plugins provide flexibility in ad placement. Ad placement plugins allow website owners to display ads in various locations. These locations include the header, footer, sidebar, and within posts or pages.
  • Advertisement plugins can rotate multiple ads within a single ad space. It helps to optimize ad performance and increase revenue.

5 Best Advertisement Plugins to Use in 2023

Following are the plugins you should use for ad placement on your website in 2023!

  • Google Ad Manager
  • AdRotate
  • Adsanity
  • WP Advanced Ads
  • Ad Inserter

1:Google Ad Manager:

Google ad manager allows website owners to publish digital ads anywhere on WordPress place. Google ad manager is popular among many publishers. This platform provides a range of features and tools to help publishers to optimize their ad inventory.

You can also deliver relevant and engaging ads to your audience and maximize revenue. Using Google ads, website owners can analyse their audience based on demographic, age, location, and interest and then display and manage the ads according to their audience.

2:Ad Rotate:

The Ad Rotate plugin allows you to show ads anywhere on your website. You can display add-on pages, posts, widgets,header&footer by inserting a shortcode. You can also add PHP snippets in your theme directly to show ads on the site. One of the features of the Ad Rotate plugin is, You can create a schedule to show ads at specific times and zones using the ad rotate plugin. Ad Rotate also allows you to upload an image using the WordPress media manager or Ad Rotate asset dashboard.

The plugin provides ad tracking and reporting features, allowing website owners to track ad performance, including impressions, clicks, and revenue generated, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their ad strategy.


Adsanity is a premium plugin. It provides a simple and easy way to display ads on your website. Adsanity allows the Website admin to watch the statistic of the displayed ads.
You can display ads by using widgets, shortcodes and template blocks. Using custom CSS, you can also style the ads you want to display on the website.

The plugin offers flexibility in ad placement, allowing website owners to display ads in various locations, including posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.

The plugin provides ad tracking and reporting features, allowing website owners to track ad performance, including impressions, clicks, and revenue generated, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their ad strategy.

4:WP Advanced Ads:

WP Advanced Ads is a WordPress plugin that offers a range of features for managing and displaying ads on a website. The plugin allows website owners to create and display ads in various formats, including banner ads, popup ads, and video ads. You can also manage unlimited ads and place them anywhere. One of the functionalities of the wp advance tab is it allows you to create different ad setups for mobile and laptop to improve the ad’s performance.

You can also track the performance of the ads and view analytical reports. The plugin offers ad injection capabilities, allowing website owners to insert ads automatically into specific parts of the website, such as the header or footer.

5:Ad Inserter:

Ad Inserter is a freemium plugin. It supports Google AdSense ads and Amazon Native Shopping Ads, among others. Ad inserter plugin automatically inserts ads on posts and pages. Its pro version features allow you to stick ads anywhere on the website .you can also do A/B testing by discovering different ads and setting them in better places. You can view impressions, views or the statistical report and can send them to the client in pdf format

Overall, the Ad Inserter plugin offers a range of features to help website owners manage and monetize their ad inventory, making it a valuable tool for those looking to generate revenue from their WordPress websites.


Above are the five best advertisement plugins you can use on your WordPress website. By using their premium Ad inserter, you can unlock many features. Which plugin do you use for your website?

I am interested to know your answer in the comment section.:)

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