Are you running a job board or recruitment website on WordPress?
If so, you need a job board that helps you collect job applications quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, many WordPress job board plugins make creating and managing job application forms easy. This blog post will introduce you to WordPress’s 6 best job application board plugins. Following is the outline which we will cover in this post.

  • How to create a Job Board website
  • Guidelines while selecting a WordPress job board plugins
  • 6 Job Board WordPress plugins
  • Conclusion

How to create a Job Board WordPress website

Creating a job board website is challenging but can be done quickly with the right tools and resources. Here are 4 steps you can follow to create a job board website:

  1. Select the platform where you want to build your job board website. It can be either, or any other platform.WordPress platform is an easy way to create a job board website.
  2. After selecting the WordPress platform, you must purchase a domain and hosting to create the site. You can read this post for detailed guidelines.
  3. Now install the WordPress job board plugin for creating jobs. You can choose any job plugin according to job requirements.
  4. After installing a job board plugin, you can customize your job board website. You can choose from templates and layouts to make your website look professional and user-friendly. Ensure to include essential information such as job listings, company information, and contact details.

Following these steps, you can create a job board website that connects job seekers with employers and helps businesses find the best talent.

Things to consider while selecting a job board plugins

Following are the guidelines which you should follow while selecting WordPress Job Board Plugins

  • Choose a job board plugin with features according to your requirements. While selecting the job board plugin, consider essential features like CV submission, Creating an account and the ability to post job listings.
  • Select the job board plugin which is highly compatible with your WordPress website.
  • Select the user-friendly job board plugin. Ensure the plugin’s interface is easy to navigate and that job listings are easy to find and apply to.
  • Look for a regularly updated job board plugin with good customer support. This will ensure that your plugin stays up-to-date with the latest security patches and features and that you can get help if you run into any issues.
  • Consider the plugin price when selecting a plugin. Select the plugin according to your job requirement and then decide which is cost-friendly for you.

Following are the Best 6 Job board plugins.

Here are the 6 WordPress job board plugins. Choose the plugin according to your requirements.

  • WP Job Manager
  • ApplyOnline
  • Simple Job Board
  • Job Manager&Career
  • WordPress Job Board
  • JobEngine

1:WP Job Manager

Wp Job Manager is a free job board plugin. This plugin needs no code requirement and is easy to use.WP Job Manager has a user-friendly interface. Wp Job Manager is a famous plugin for its simplicity and multiple features.
Following are the features of this job post software.

  • Job submission form: The plugin provides a job submission form that employers can use to submit job listings on your website. The form includes fields for job title, company name, job description, salary, location, and more.
  • Job listings management: You can manage all job listings from your WordPress dashboard. You can also edit, approve, reject, or delete job listings.
  • Job search: The job search feature allows job seekers to search for jobs based on keywords, location, job type, and more.
  • Application tracking: Employers can track job applications through the WordPress dashboard. They can see which job listings have received the most applications and view resumes and cover letters from applicants.
  • Email notifications: The plugin provides email notifications to job seekers and employers for job listing updates, job applications, and resume submissions.

2:Apply Online

Apply Online is the most user-friendly form application plugin. You can use this plugin not only for creating job but also can be used for admission ads and classes ads too. Its lightweight, super-friendly plugin can be easily integrated with your website.

  • Resume and cover letter upload: The plugin allows job seekers to upload their resume
    and cover letter directly through the application form.
  • Customizable application forms: Apply Online allows you to create custom application
    forms for job listings with various input fields and options. You can
    also create multiple forms for different job types .
  • Application tracking: Apply Online provides a dashboard where you can track job
    applications and manage them easily. You can view applicant details, resumes, cover
    letters, and any other information they submit through the form.
  • Email notifications: The plugin sends notifications to job seekers and
    employers when a new application is submitted. You can also customize the content and
    formatting of these emails.
  • Integrations: Apply Online integrates with various other WordPress plugins, including
    popular job board plugins like WP Job Manager and Simple Job Board.

3:Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is a user-friendly plugin and easy to customize. It’s a free plugin and is available in multiple languages. You can create multiple job listings and show them anywhere on the wordpress page by using the simple shortcode. The following are the features.

  • Simple setup: The Simple Job Board plugin is easy to install and set up, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to add job listings to your website.
  • Customizable job listings: With the plugin, you can customize the look and feel of your job listings, including the job title, description, location, salary range, and more.
  • User-friendly interface: The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for job seekers and employers. Job seekers can search for jobs based on keywords, location, and other criteria.
  • Application management: The Simple Job Board plugin allows you to manage job applications directly within your WordPress dashboard. You can view applicant details, resumes, cover letters, and any other information they submit through the job board.

4:Job Manager&Career

Job Manager&Career is a free job board plugin. You can display jobs anywhere on WordPress website by using shortcodes.
The following are the features.

  • Using this plugin, you can add job location and type category in the job portal. The detailed job description helps the job finder to understand job conditions.
  • The career plugin provides multiple options to apply for job posts. You can also receive application forms via email instead of forms.
  • You can highlight jobs according to condition by using badges.
  • You can share jobs on different social media platforms by enabling the social media button.

5:Wordpress Job Board

WordPress Job Board is famous job board software. Its premium plugin comes with many features. WordPress job plugin is theme friendly plugin. You can use it with any wordpress theme. You can also integrate that with many payment methods, such as Paypal. Stripe.

  • Using its drag-and-drop builder option, you can easily create job listings and reorder them according to priority.
  • Using a WordPress job board lets you instantly sync your listing with other job boards like Indeed, simplyhired and others.
  • Job seekers can easily search for jobs on websites using search filters. They can find jobs according to their preferred category, location and other specifications.


JobEngine is a premium WordPress job board. You can charge to the recruiter for listing their jobs on your WordPress job board platform. You can easily customize job listings according to your WordPress branding. The following are the features.

  • You can change the style of the job listing by using the style customizer feature.
  • You can manage job listings from the fronted interface without leaving the home page.
  • This job board is highly optimized, and all devices are friendly.
  • By using a job map, you can add jobs location.

Wrapping Up:

In this Blog, you read about Top 6 wordpress job board plugins. These plugins will provide you maximum results at minimum costs. All plugins interface are user-friendly and easy to use. Let me know in the comment which plugin you like the most.

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