Every website needs a contact form where people can contact the website owner for their help and services. A contact conditional form is required for every website, either its blog website, business, or e-commerce website. 

Contact forms allow website visitors to easily and quickly communicate with the website owner or organization. They provide a simple and efficient way for visitors to contact the website without searching for an email address or phone number.

Here we will tell you how to create conditional Forms using the Contact form 7 plugin step by step.

But Before creating a Conditional form, you need to know how to create a contact form using the contact form 7 plugin.  

Step 1: Install and activate the contact form 7 plugin on your wordPress website.

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Step 2:Now Use the form editor to add multiple fields to your form, such as text fields, email fields, text areas, and select fields.

Step 3:To receive the mail, you need to configure the mailer settings in contact form 7 settings. Here you can enter the mail through which you want to receive and send mail.

This is a primary contact Form process.

Now I will tell you how you can create a conditional Contact Form By using two plugins,

Before that, you need to know what conditional form is.

A conditional contact form

is a web form that displays different fields or questions based on the user’s previous answers or selections. For example, if a user selects a specific option on the form, additional fields may appear that are specific to that option. This allows for a more personalized and efficient form-filling experience for the user.

After Following all the above steps, now Follow the next Steps

Step4:For creating the Condition form, you need to install a plugin called conditional fields for contact form 7.”

step 5:Now After Installing and activating that now you need to go to the “form edit fields you can see below>conditional fields group

Step 6: You can choose any form field for providing conditions. Here we would give “shirt size” as a title field for giving drop-downs.

Step 7:After shirt size, I provided two dropdowns related to size. One of them is 32, and the other is 34.

Step 8:After the size, I inserted two conditional field groups.

Step9: Here, I gave conditions and created a drop-down menu of 2 colours to mention that if the size is Small 32, show two colours Green and pink, and if the size is medium 34, show white and black.

1:condition field group Title 1 name: small 32 {Here, I added a dropdown menu.Green and pink

2:condition field drop-down Title 2 name: medium 34{Here, I added a dropdown menu.White and Black.

Now insert the tag between the condition field group tag.


Following the above steps, you can create a conditional contact form. Using the conditional fields for the Contact Form 7 plugin, website owners can create a more personalized and efficient form-filling experience for their website visitors by displaying different fields or questions based on the user’s previous answers or selections. A conditional contact form is best if you want to show multiple fields for one specific group or title.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

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