Transform your educational website with the Top 8 WordPress education themes. Say goodbye to boring designs and hello to stunning templates that showcase your content and engage your visitors.

Building an educational website is quite challenging, but choosing the right theme can be a hard task. But this post will reveal the 8 Best WordPress Education themes. By using these themes, you can create any Academic website. Whether it’s the school website, College, university, or online courses website, let’s get started!

Following are the 8 Best WordPress Educational themes you can use to build an academic website in 2023.

  1. Eduma
  2. WPLMS
  3. BuddyBoss for LearnDash
  4. Masterstudy
  5. Academy Pro
  6. Education Hub
  7. Course Maker Pro Theme
  8. Education zone


Eduma is best selling education WordPress theme. Its premium theme comes with 31+ premium demos. you can create any website by using Eduma either its university website, school website, or crypto website. Eduma theme uses Learnpress Learning Management System. The following are the features of Eduma:

  • Eduma comes with Elementor and WPbakery drag-and-drop page builders. These builders allow you to create custom pages and layouts without coding.
  • Eduma comes with demo templates. You can import any template with one click.
  • Eduma is UI/UX optimized. Your site will look good and professional on any device.
  • Eduma also integrates with BuddyPress.It allows you to create a community around your website where students can interact and collaborate with each other.


WPLMS is a powerful and versatile theme that provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing online learning platforms. Whether you are a teacher, trainer, or entrepreneur, the WPLMS theme can help you create an engaging and effective online learning environment.

  • The theme comes with a built-in course management system that enables you to create and manage courses and add course content, quizzes, and assignments.
  • WPLMS provides a student dashboard where they can see their progress, track performance, and access course content.
  • WPLMS offers gamification features, including badges, certificates, and points, to motivate learners and make the learning experience more engaging.
  • You can integrate a woocommerce plugin for selling your course or any other educational product online.

3: BuddyBoss for LearnDash

Buddyboss for Learndash is a complete solution to create online courses. It has an easy interface dashboard. By using that you can create online courses and pages.

  • Buddyboss for Learndash provides a customized LMS. By using LMS students can access all information and content.
  • The theme includes a live chat feature that allows students and instructors to communicate in real-time.
  • BuddyBoss for LMS allows you to create membership options that enable students to access different courses or levels of content.


Masterstudy is a complete learning management system. It has 15 +unique demos. You don’t need to install any excessive plugins after installing Master study education themes.

  • Masterstudy education theme has a professional course builder. By using that you can create courses.
  • Masterstudy has a 2-page builder (Elementor+WPbakery).By using that you can responsive website.
  • Masterstudy offers an advanced course search functionality that allows users to search for courses by keywords, categories, and other criteria.
  • The theme comes with a built-in course management system that enables you to create and manage courses and add course content, quizzes, and assignments.

5:Academy pro:

screenshot  acadmyey pro theme "one of best wordpress education themes

Academy Pro is a premium WordPress educational theme that’s designed specifically for education websites. It offers a customizable homepage, course sections, and a built-in testimonial section. By using its customized widget you can increase website functionalities.

  • The theme features a built-in course section that allows you to create and manage online courses and programs.
  • You can create Multiple courses by using Acadmey WordPress themes at one time.
  • Academy Pro can easily be integrated with the woocommerce plugin. Using the woocommerce plugin you can sell any digital or physical product like Books, online courses, and merchandise.
  • In the Academy Pro Homepage section, you can display your all courses and their outlines.

6: Education Hub:

Education Hub Theme ." one of best wordpress education themes"

Education WordPress themes are specifically designed for educational institutions, online courses, and e-learning websites. They offer many features such as course management, event scheduling, online payment options, and student profiles.

  • The theme is compatible with popular LMS plugins, such as LearnDash, which allows you to easily create and manage online courses.
  • The theme comes with a customizable homepage that allows you to highlight your most important content and information, such as your school’s mission statement, programs, and faculty.
  • Education Hub comes with several custom widgets, including ones for courses, categories, recent posts, and social media icons.
  • Education Hub offers a range of color options, making it easy to customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand.

7:Course Maker Pro Theme:

screenshot  course maker pro of best wordpress education themes

Course maker is a premium theme. It is designed to meet the style needs of the online course website. By using the Course Maker theme you can create any academic website. The following are the features.

  • Course Maker Pro is designed to work with popular LMS plugins, such as LearnDash and LifterLMS, making it easy to create and manage online courses.
  • You can design and customize your website by using the Gutenberg editor. Gutenberg is the default editor installed in the theme. You can also use any other plugin of your choice.
  • Course Maker Pro comes with flexible course layouts. By using customer layout you can create unique and engaging course pages that showcase your content.

8:Education Zone:

screenshot  Education zone one of best wordpress education themes

The education zone is considered the best theme for creating an academic website. This theme comes with various features. The Education Zone theme has customizable homepage sections, course sections, a builtin slider, and more. It also offers a responsive design that looks great on all devices.

  • The education zone theme comes with a customizable option. Using these options you can highlight your courses, website mission, and vision statement.
  • The theme also includes built-in course sections. These sections make it easy to create a catalog of courses and programs.
  • Education Zone has a responsive layout that adapts to different screen sizes. By using this theme your website design will look good on all devices.
  • Education Zone features a built-in slider that allows you to showcase your school or university’s photos and events in a visually appealing way.

In short: We have reviewed the best 8 WordPress education themes features above. You can use any of these for creating your online course website. You can also use them for creating school and college websites.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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