Installing A Genesis theme can be a big task for the WordPress Beginner or even sometimes difficult for Experts to install. But We have got your pain point.
In this blog, you will get a step-by-step guide to installing the Genesis theme, including child themes on the WordPress website.
I assume you already have a wordpress website, but if not, you can follow this blog to create a website.

To install the Genesis framework, follow these steps

  1. Purchase and Download Framework from the studio press website
  2. Upload and Install the theme to your WordPress site
  3. Activate Genesis child theme
  4. Customize your website

Now We will discuss these steps in detail with screenshots

1:Purchase Genesis Framework:

Genesis Framework is premium. You can purchase it from the official website. You can use this link to acquire Genesis. After purchasing that, you will receive a zip file containing the Parent-child theme in your email.

Studiopress website


You need to be very careful while uploading the studio press framework. Firstly you need to install the Genesis framework, called the Parent theme. Then you can install any child theme you bought from the studio press website.
1:Go to appearance>themes
2:Upload theme

3:Click on choose file button and upload a theme.

4:Click on the install now button. Once you have uploaded the theme.

5:After Installation of the Parent theme, do not activate it. Click on the Return to themes page and upload the selected child theme.

3:Activate Child theme::

The Genesis child themes are separate themes that inherit the functionality and design of the Parent framework. Now activate the theme which you purchased from studio press.

P.S: Do not activate the Parent theme only activate the child theme.

Method 2:you can also install the Genesis framework by using FTP.

You can install this theme manually by using FTP Process. Here are three popular programs which you can use for manual installation.
Before uploading themes to your directory, unzip the parent and child themes first.

1:Go to wp-content folder>Themes

After finding the theme directory, upload unzipped Genesis file from your computer. Do not upload the Genesis theme file in any other directory. Also file name should be saved as Genesis name. Do not use any other replacement name.

2:Upload the Genesis unzipped folder from your device to the theme directory.

3:Now repeat the same process to upload the child theme file. If the child theme has more than one word, then you can use Hyphens.

4:Customize your website:

You can customize the child theme according to your requirements.
Go to Dashboard>Apperance>Themes>Customize.

A new sidebar will be open, and you can see plenty of options. You can edit any according to your requirement.

  1. In side identity, you can upload your tagline and logo.
  2. Using the color icon, you can set any website color according to your branding.
  3. You can create menus too from customize. Just edit this and add all the pages and links you want to show as a primary and secondary menu.
  4. Widgets are informational blocks that you can use anywhere on your website to highlight any important content.
  5. The next icon is the Static front page. Either you can select the blog post page or any other page. You can select this from the static page option.
  6. You can choose the page design using the site layout option, showing any sidebar with your page content or making it full width.
  7. You can enable and disable the comment option on the content of your website By using the comment and Trackbacks option .
  8. You can do the content setting like post number, content character, featured image and this size by using the Content archive tag.

Genesis Framework price:

You can Buy Genesis pro at $360/per year with unlimited features and 24/7 customer support.

Genesis SEO

You can do the SEO of your website by using this Genesis SEO theme option. Do not use any other SEO plugin while using this otherwise, this feature will be automatically deactivated. You can read more about Genesis SEO at this link.


You can import and Export the theme set on different websites using this Genesis theme option.

Conclusion: This is the only easy way to install and activate the Genesis framework. Using this blog and following the above steps, you can easily activate the theme and create your new website.

p.s: if you have any questions. Please comment below:)

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