WordPress CMS is one of the most popular and easy CMS from another platform. Using the WordPress platform, you can create any website, whether a Business website, Blog, or E-commerce website. if you don’t know How to take the start, we would provide you Top 75 WordPress Blogs list. After reading this blog it would be easy to understand the wordpress content management system.

Here are the Top best 75 wordpress blogs

which will help you in every step of your WordPress journey. I will deeply analyze every blog, so it will be easy for you to pick your favorite one.



WP Beginner was started By syed Balki. You will get the most useful and Great content here related to WordPress. You just need to search for your relevant topic, and you will find many Blogs, Guidelines, and Video tutorials. Wpbeginner is the best blog to learn more about wordpress.


Analysis of codeinwp blog

Adelina Tuca created this blog in 2013. If you want to create a website or blog but don’t know which Hosting you should select and which theme you should choose according to your website niche. Then Check this website. This Blog will explain briefly about Hosting, Themes, and plugins.

3. WPMU DEV Blog


Joshua started this Blog.WPMU Dev is a blog that focuses on all things WordPress. It provides articles, tutorials, and resources related to WordPress design and management. The blog covers many topics, including WordPress plugins, themes, hosting, SEO, and more. It is a great resource for WordPress users and developers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the WordPress community

4. WPEverest Blog

Wpeveerst Blogs details.

WPeverest provides information and tutorials on different topics, which include theme, plugin development, website creation, and e-commerce. The blog aims to help WordPress users to enhance their skills and build better websites. In addition to tutorials and how-to articles, the blog also features news and updates about WordPress and its ecosystem.

5. WP Tavern

WPTavern blog talks about the WordPress content management system. It provides details on topics like theme development, plugin, customization, and e-commerce functionality, If you are a beginner and confused about WordPress. I will suggest this website to you for learning.


Wpkube provides various resources for wordpress users, including a wide range of articles, tutorials, blogs, and guidelines on various topics related to wordpress. This website cover beginner-level topic to advance level topics. This website is regularly updated with the latest wordpress news and information.

7. WPExplorer Blog

WPExplorer is known for its high-quality tutorials and guides, which are designed to help WordPress users of all levels get the most out of this powerful platform. The blog also features reviews of popular WordPress plugins, themes, and services.

8. WPEntire

Ganga Kafle started this blog to share the most valuable information with website users. You will get 500+ blogs on this website regarding the WordPress topic. If you are confused about any topic just go and research this website.

9. WPLift

Oliver Dale founded WPLift. Wp lift is a WordPress blog where you will get all information regarding WordPress, whether it’s about themes, Blogs, E-commerce, or directories. You get a deep analysis of premium and free plugins/themes. You can get some coupons by using this website reference. overall wp is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their website or learn more about the platform.

10. WPAll Club

Prithu Singh Thakuri started this Blog. It provides a library of premium wordpress plugins and themes. This blog provides detailed documentation and tutorial on complex topics.WPAll club managers can get a wide range of tools and resources to help create and maintain their websites effectively.

11. WP Newsify

Peter Nillson created this website back in 2016.WP Newsify is a blog and plugin too. Using this plugin, You can create and display blog news on your website. You will get all information here related to the wordpress platform, whether it’s related to plugins, themes, or documentation. This blog focus on sharing tips and trick regarding the WordPress content management system.

12. WP Mayor

Jean Galea and the team started this WordPress blog.

WP Mayor is a blog focusing on WordPress, the popular open-source content management system (CMS). The blog provides various resources and information related to WordPress, including tutorials, news, reviews, and other information that can help users get the most out of the platform.

Some of the topics covered on the WP Mayor blog include:

  • WordPress tutorials and how-to guides
  • Reviews of WordPress plugins, themes, and services
  • News and updates related to WordPress
  • Strategies for optimizing and securing a WordPress site
  • Best practices for using WordPress to build and maintain a successful website

13. athemes.com/blog

Athemes is also a theme and plugin development company. It has introduced various themes and plugins like the Sydney theme, custom sidebar plugin, and scroll me plugin. It also provides the best guidelines about wordpress cms regarding any topic.

14. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes is a blog that provides information and resources related to the products and services offered by Elegant Themes, a popular WordPress theme and plugin development company. The blog offers a variety of content, including tutorials, news, reviews, and other information that can help WordPress users get the most out of their websites.

Some of the topics covered on the Elegant Themes blog include:

  • Tutorials and how-to guides for using the Divi theme and other Elegant Themes products
  • News and updates related to WordPress and the Elegant Themes product lineup
  • Reviews of other WordPress themes and plugins
  • Strategies for building and growing a successful website with WordPress
  • Best practices for using the Divi theme and other Elegant Themes products

15. WP Doze

This Blog is divided into 4 sections. In 1st section, you will get their services related to hosting. you will get various videos about different themes and plugins in 2nd section. you will get all the blog posts related to wordpress CMS. In the 4th section, you will get different tutorials related to wordpress.

16. ChrisLema.com/blog

Charslema is one of the most popular websites. You will get various WordPress Tips and tricks in this blog. By joining this blog you can learn some business information. Chrislema also offers some premium courses on different topics.

17. BobWP Blog

BobWP is run by Bob Dun.He is a wordpress expert and working for many years on the wordpress platform. He provides high-quality guidelines, tutorials, and reviews. In addition, BobWp provides regular updates about the latest development in the wordpress platform. Bobwp is a valuable resource to get information about the wordpress platform.

18. WPSetup.org

This Blog post is considered the best WordPress Blog. You can find any kind of technical post on this WordPress Blog, like “How to install WordPress” or “which hosting you should choose for your business. This Blog is best for users who want to start WordPress from scratch.

19. WPEka.com

WPeka provides the best analysis post related to any theme and plugin. It will provide you with the features and drawbacks of each post in detail. It has one section where they provide reviews of all the WordPress themes and plugins which they have used. You can also promote your product or service on their website by contacting them.

20. wpbuffs.com/blog

This website provides wordpress maintenance services to website owners and agencies, including weekly updates, Backups, and speed optimization. Apart from that, WP Buffs also write wonder articles regarding the WordPress CMS .you can find many helpful tutorials.

21. WPLeaders.com

The main purpose of this blog is to provide you best theme and plugins for your website. However, following this website content and tutorial, you can create a simple WordPress website.

22. begindot.com

This Blog is considered one of the best Blogs. You will get complete information about Blogging and WordPress platform. On this blog website, you can find some SEO tools that will help you check your website’s ranking.

23. wpblog.com

WP Blog regularly publishes content on its website related to WordPress CMS.you can find many articles related to wordpress. By using this website content, you can create and manage a WordPress website.

24. WebDesignDev.com

This Blog was started back in 2006. In the screenshot, you can see there are many categories of different niches. You can find articles in different niches. But if you are looking for wordpress articles, you will find many Guidelines and tutorials about that.


This Blog is all about WordPress.There are different pages of themes, plugins, E-commerce, and SEO. If you want to search for any certain topic, you can go to that page. They have provided brief detail about every topic related to wordpress.

26. Alienwp.com/blog

In 2016,  Oliver Dale acquired Alienwp of Kooc Media. This website also provides premium themes and plugins. You can also get some coupons for various others themes and plugins. Apart from that, you can get the best guidelines for the WordPress platform.

27. layerwp.com

Ben owns this Blog. This blog provides you with some premium themes and Plugins and Also provides you with a deep tutorial about every plugin and theme. You would definitely like that content of Ben.

28. wparena.com

WParena is the online resource site of WordPress.This website focus on creating amazing content, tutorials, blogs, and guidelines on wordpress topic.WParana updates its content from time to time with new features. You will find many helpful blogs that can help you create a new blog.

29. Shoutmeloud.com

This website is the best website for bloggers. If anyone wants to start their career in the blog, he can take start from this blog. Trust me, you just need passion to start a blog and all the other content and detail you will get from this website. This website was created by Harsh Agarwal back in 2009. You can find many informative blog posts related to the wordpress platform.

30. Premiumwp.com

PremiumWP helps users to find the best themes and plugins for their website according to their website niche, either its blog niche, Business, or e-commerce niche. You will get each detail on this website. After reading some blogs, you will understand how useful their content is.

31. Templatic.com/blog

Templatic is a theme development company .it provides a premium theme. The main purpose of this blog is to make the process of creating a website easy and affordable. You will get hundreds of supporting articles, tutorials, and guidelines on wordpress CMS topics.

32. winningwp.com

winningwp.com is an award-winning Blog. In this blog, you will find 20+ categories related to different fields. You will find many wordpress articles and tutorials on this site.

33. themegrill.com/blog

This Blog post deeply analysis of free and premium wordpress themes. If you want to choose any theme for your wordpress website, you must go through this website, you will get many useful blogs on different themes. After reading that, it will be easy for you to choose thems for your site.

34. QuestionCage

Navin runs this Blog. This blog covers many technical topics, including the wordpress platform. You can get more information except blogging, like SEO, content writing, social media marketing, and branding.

35. firstsiteguide.com

Firstsiteguide.com is considered the hub to start your online business. You can get much information about a side hustles in this blog. This blog also covers the wordpress platform and provides you with different articles on technical topics.

36. designbombs.com

This Blog is all about the wordpress platform. It can guide you regarding hosting, domain, themes, and plugin. Using their tips and guidance, you can start your blogging and earn money.

37. yoast.com/seo-blog

We also know that Yoast is considered the best SEO plugin for wordpress websites. Mostly wordpress is used for improving the ranking of their website. But if you ever check its blog section. You will see how the gold mines the content is available here. This blog section cover

38. WPCity

WPcity is divided into different sections like Blogging, Web hosting, themes, plugins, and deals. You will get great articles and guides on the WordPress platform in every section. This blog update information from time to time.

39. SmartWP

Ryan Robinson and Feliciotti run this blog. This blog covers the wordpress platform from scratch. You can get information on how to add pages and monetize a wordpress blog. You can also check their youtube channel. Where they have provided you analysis of different themes and plugins and also provided you with some tutorials.

40: WPthemego

This platform provides products for the world’s most popular open sources, including beautiful and robust WordPress themes that are easy to use for users of all skill levels. Founded in 2009, they have served customers for over 10 years with high-quality products.

41: designwall.com/blog

The team at designwall.com is comprised of passionate “Builders” who work hard to create awesome WordPress products. They started in 2012 with the WordPress theme and have since improved and expanded their product line to meet customer expectations.

42: elementor.com/blog/

Elementor is a leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress. It serves web professionals, including developers, designers, and marketers,s and boasts a new website created every 10 seconds on its platform. In addition, you will also find plenty of helpful tutorials and guides on WordPress.

43: woorkup.com

Woorkup is one of the most famous websites. You will also find plenty of helpful tutorials and guides on WordPress.in every category, you will get a deep tutorial related to wordpress websites.

44. gutenbergtimes.com

This blog is run by Birgit Pauli-Haack, who also contributes to WordPress as a Meetup organizer and volunteer on the WordPress Global Community team. He has been sharing his knowledge and expertise for the last 5+ years and is currently the team representative on the Block Editor End User Documentation team.

45: Bloggerspassion.com

Bloggerspassion is one of the top blogs in the WordPress and blogging niche. Pro blogger Anil Agarwal shares valuable guides and in-depth tutorials on WordPress blogging, SEO, and other topics. This blog is created to help users make real money from their blogs.

46:WP Eagle

This blog offers WordPress tutorial videos that cover everything from building a complete WordPress website to promoting, monetizing, and enhancing it. The team at WP Eagle believes in sharing their knowledge for free, hoping to empower others to learn any new skill and create the desired lifestyle.

47. WP Superstars

WP Superstars is an online platform, and the main purpose of this website is to simplify WordPress for users, allowing them to focus on what matters. They provide actionable advice and easy-to-follow tutorials to give your website superpowers. There are plenty of resources and tutorials related to WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting available on this blog.

48.IsItWP Blog

The main goal of IsItWP is to help users find out what websites are built with WordPress and the technology they are using, such as WordPress hosting, themes, and plugins. The owner and team of WPBeginner run the website, so users can expect plenty of amazing tutorials and guides on WordPress.

49. WP Shout

This blog is run by two passionate WordPress developers, contributors, and enthusiasts. They aim to make the WordPress community accessible to everyone by publishing weekly in-depth tutorials.

50. DigWP:

Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr founded DigWP, two experienced web designers who have been using WordPress to power client sites for years. They believe that WordPress is not only capable of powering any website, but it is also often the best choice. They share their knowledge and expertise through this blog and provide valuable insights into the world of WordPress.

51. WPNeon

PNeon is a well-known brand in the WordPress industry that specializes in WordPress products. They offer in-depth articles on WordPress themes, plugins, tutorials for beginners, and product reviews. The site has gained a massive following, attracting WordPress users from various niches and industries, including writers, web developers, marketers, travelers, photographers, and others.

52. WPCrafter

WPCrafter is one of my favorite WordPress blogs, run by Adam Preiser. He also operates a popular YouTube channel under the same name, sharing WordPress-related content. The blog’s tagline, “WordPress reviews and tutorials for non-techies,” emphasizes its mission to help non-technical people get the most out of WordPress through its comprehensive tutorials and reviews.

53. Kinsta Blog

The Kinsta blog offers a wide range of actionable WordPress tutorials, tips, and resources, focusing on web performance and website optimization. Founded in 2013, Kinsta was created by veteran WordPress developers to provide the best WordPress blog hosting platform in the world, focusing on speed, security, and stability.

54. MyThemeShop Blog:

MyThemeShop Blog MyThemeShop is a popular WordPress theme and plugin developer known for delivering top-notch themes and plugins. Their blog section is also worth mentioning, as they share helpful WordPress tutorials, guides, and tips. I recommend their Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin, which has proven to be a game-changer.

55. WooCommerce Blog:

WooCommerce Blog WooCommerce is a highly sought-after blog, providing everything you need to create a successful WooCommerce website and earn money online. The blog covers WooCommerce-related topics and offers articles and tutorials on WordPress. Keep an eye on their blog for the latest updates and tips on everything WordPress.

56. ThemeIsle Blog

ThemeIsle Blog In 2017, the WordPress landscape changed as the focus shifted towards adaptability instead of specificity. With the rise of page builders, users were given more control over their themes than ever before. Themeisle responded by creating Hestia, a theme integrated with Elementor to provide users with the ultimate page-building experience

57. weDevs Blog

weDevs Blog weDevs is a leading WordPress blog, providing the latest news, tutorials, tips, hacks, and more. They’ve been in the plugin business since 2008 and have grown rapidly, offering free and paid plugins. Their blog section features high-quality WordPress tutorials and includes comparison articles, list articles, and product-focused articles.

58. WP Manage Ninja Blog

WP Manage Ninja Blog The WPManageNinja team boasts a combined experience of 30 years in WordPress development and website maintenance. With such expertise, there is no problem in WordPress development that they can’t solve.

59. MotoPress Blog

Motopress is a blog that provides information and resources related to the Motopress WordPress plugin. The blog covers various topics, including WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks, product updates, and more. The blog is aimed at WordPress users, developers, and designers and provides valuable insights and information. Whether you’re a beginner or an advance wordpress designer, the Motopress blog is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their WordPress skills and knowledge.

60. wpartisan.me

Wpartistan.me is a comprehensive WordPress tutorial website that covers a wide range of topics for beginners and advanced users. From installation to customization and beyond, this site provides in-depth tutorials and guides to help users make the most out of their WordPress website. The site is updated regularly with new content, so users can always stay updated with the latest WordPress developments.

61 WPMarmite.com

Wpmarmite.com is a French-language WordPress blog that provides tutorials, tips, tricks, and reviews of WordPress plugins and themes. The site is run by a team of experienced WordPress developers and designers who bring knowledge to the table. You will find something interesting on this site whether a beginner or an advanced WordPress user.


Letsbuildwp.com is a blog website.Users can easily learn to create and edit wordpress websites using this blog. This article provides various articles on various topics. It also provides a free resource library of Tutorials, plugins, and themes.

63. createaprowebsite.com

createapro website provides tutorials, resources, and courses for creating a professional wordpress website. If you are a beginner or an expert, this website provides step-by-step guidelines and tutorials to help you create an advanced wordpress website.

64. wp101.com

WP101 is a video tutorial website that provides beginner-friendly tutorials on WordPress.If you are a wordpress user, you will surely find something interesting in this blog related to the wordpress platform.

65. createwpsite.com

Createwpsite.com is a website that provides tutorials and resources for creating stunning websites with WordPress. The site is run by a team of experienced WordPress developers and designers who aim to provide users with the latest and greatest WordPress information. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’re sure to find something of interest on this site.

66. wpshout.com

This blog provides depth in tutorials and news about wordpress. Blog authors weekly publish content on the site and to their mailing list. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest wordpress tutorials, guidelines, and blogs, then follow this blog.

67. easywpguide.com

Easywp guide is a beginner-friendly website. They provide step-by-step guidelines and tutorials for getting started on their website. This site has everything you need, from theme installation to coding skills and beyond. This site is a perfect resource for someone looking to create a website.

68. WPBakery

WPbakery is the website of wp bakery page builder. But if you see in the blog section, .you will find many tutorials and blogs about different wordpress themes and plugins. This website will guide you on choosing any plugin and how to use that. This website is considered the best site for beginners.


Colorlib is particularly known for its high-quality wordpress themes. The themes cover various niches, including blogs, business websites, portfolios, and many more. Color lib is a also resource for anyone looking to build a website from scratch. In the colorlib blog, you can check many tutorials and guidelines.


Highly professional developers and designers write WPhive articles. They provide detailed information and guide on how to perform various tasks related to wordpress.In addition to its tutorials, it provides various other sources for wordpress users, including product reviews, updates, and interviews with an industry expert. These resources make a one-stop shop for anyone looking to create or learn wordpress websites.


You can check the wpcrows website. Here are various varieties of blogs regarding wordpress content management systems. You can get guidelines on this blog related to wordpress


Wp-me.com is a blog that was founded in 2015. The main purpose of this blog was to make WordPress easy for WordPress users. This blog is about WordPress hosting, tutorials, plugin forms etc. You can learn from free tutorials.


Wedevs blog mostly discusses WordPress affiliation plugins like Dokan, Aliexpress,woocommerce, etc. This is basically for E-commerce knowledge. You can check this blog for getting information about WordPress online selling.


This blog talks about WPvarious forms, funnel optimization, and marketing. You can get guidelines about the WordPress platform, marketing, and sales funnel on this site.


In the wpresscreative blog, you will find varieties of blog sections. If you are a new WordPress user and don’t know how its interface works, how to choose a domain and hosting, and which themes and plugins you should choose. Just explore this website you will find many articles. Still, if you don’t find your queries answered, just contact us, and we will write a proper article on your requested topic.

Conclusion: I have briefly explained the qualities of every blog, how they work and which topics they cover. You can read any of them for learning and earning purposes. These all are worthy blogs.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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