It is a software-based solution that is made for WordPress websites. It is used for e-commerce shops. Through this software, anyone can change a regular website into an online functioning store and also with all e-commerce features. WooCommerce also helps users to how to use the online store. Users can directly download the WordPress plugin from its official WordPress plugin directory. Its beginner-friendly process user didn’t need to be an IT professional and have coding knowledge.

The platform of WooCommerce was launched and started in 2011 by the company WooThemes. Then this company was acquired by the parent company WordPress. As this company WooCommerce and WordPress merged, both escalated. 

WooCommerce Hooks

This helps to extend and customize the functionality of stores. Hooks add small code that helps to intercept the call between offer and software components. Hooks are rarely an essential part of WooCommerce. This helps the developers to customize and modify their store without change in the code of WooCommerce. It enhances the ability and features of stores. 

Benefits of WooCommerce Hooks

Customization of store: if developers want to add an extra feature to their product then mention it through the plugin facility. Hooks help to customize and increase the functionality of the store.

Maintain store: it becomes easier for a user to maintain and update the behavior of the store without making changes in core code. Effort and time were both saved.
Increase compatibility: if you are using hooks customization is compatible and easily applicable. It also helps to avoid an issue that is created during the updating process.

Type of hooks

Filters: it allows replacing, returning, and manipulating at the end of a new variable. 

Actions: it allows adding custom code in various points of action. If you want to add or change in custom code then you need to add it into the function.php file. That would be found in the themes folder. If you want to change then you need to paste code in the child theme function.php. 

WooCommerce Hook work

You can also call it e-commerce. It’s wonderful to know how it’s working. It adds custom code without editing the WooCommerce files. 

You can edit WooCommerce sites without losing your customization. 

The process is simple to use. These schemes are based on the WordPress plugin first choosing place where setting place. A child theme file is also used, it’s called ‘function.php’. It’s code snippet management plugin activity.

Secondly is widely used and also preferred. It’s a code snippet plugin. In this process, you can turn it off and on without writing anything new. You can delete and activate the snippet.

Steps used in which pages hooked with the snipped plugin

  • Give a name to the snippet
  • Write a function directly from documents.
  • Copy paste which you need to hook
  • The definition should be matched in cases.
  • Simplify the structure, not add snippets.

WooCommerce Hook list

Add the new product in the shipping

This is the hook that allows you to add new products in your store without entering any data manually. Discount and shipping options also count as an additional feature. Name, description, and price allow you to add in pages.

Product removal and addition 

It is an easy process to add new products and remove old items from hooks. Automated product updates are also available in special conditions. 

Add –one product

This feature allows adding extra content and features to your pages it can be warranties and conditions.

Processing order

If you want to process your order quickly then WooCommerce helps to fulfill that order quickly. This contains various functions like automatic shipping and confirmation email and more.

Order management 

It’s not easy to place all products in one place. Track of your order is also possible through this process. You can cancel and refund your order easily. 

 WooCommerce comes with a list of hooks 

You can add filters to enhance the functionality of WooCommerce.  

Sharing button on social media

You can easily share any picture on social media through your website. Social media can be Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Hooks used to create custom checkout

If you want to control how customers interact with your check-out process then WooCommerce is the best solution to your problem. You can add buttons and custom features through which you can complete your transaction easily and quickly also.

Email address specify

It also allows you to specify your email address on your purchase. You can also send a confirmation email on every purchase. 

Required password 

WooCommerce allows the customer to enter a password before the customer completes his purchase. You can also hook into billing and in transactions. 

How checkout the WooCommerce hooks

For WooCommerce visual hook guide is available for checkout pages. Checkout layout applied in all functions. If you want to activate them there is a certain method followed.

If it’s not rightly installed then search name and copy that name. 

Cart page

Visual hook available for cart. Give a good appearance to the website. That picks only necessary features. 

WordPress creative 

These themes help to give a unique design to your website. Thousands of themes are available free for attractive websites. Creative themes and minimalist themes are different from each other. Creative spread a deep impression to the visitors. Images and schemes also include themes. The latest feature includes hover animation and parallax according to flat design. There are highly rated themes available in the WordPress platform. 

How can I select the best WordPress themes?

A wide range of options are available. It’s your need what type of theme you select for your websites. Versatile themes are available for any type of website. Theme selection depends upon the product and service you offered to the audience.

Factor affecting WordPress themes

Response of audience

Number of people use phones nowadays and browse the internet so a responsive theme must be selected.


Themes should be selected from reputable developers. In the WordPress theme directory themes are available that would be secure and well-coded by WordPress. 


The latest version of themes is available in WordPress because it’s updated frequently and from time to time. 

There are 9000+ themes available in the WordPress theme directory. You can select the top free themes for your website. 

Multipurpose themes available describe below

Theme- Ocean WP

This theme is freemium available. Demos also available in the WordPress custom sidebar and social media icons present in a great way. That looks beautiful. That is great for shopping cart popups in front of the visitor which create interest of customers toward the product.

Theme- Neve 

Its multipurpose theme is only 32.4 KB. It minimizes the loading time of the website. It’s faster loading HTML files and increases the loading speed of mobile. It helps in video blogs and also in portfolios. This theme is SEO Friendly. 

Theme – hello elementor

It’s a lightweight theme that builds on a WordPress plugin. It contains pre-made templates. It’s available in elementor template library. 

Theme- zakra

It’s another option with a fast WordPress theme. It has fully responsive themes and is also easily loaded in mobile phones. Lightweight theme supports polylang.

Theme- Rishi 

It is a new performance-oriented theme which is easily accessible. This is suitable for mobile also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is WooCommerce, and what does it do?

A1: WooCommerce is a software-based solution designed for WordPress websites to convert them into e-commerce stores with various features. It allows users to create and manage online stores without the need for coding knowledge.

Q2: How do WooCommerce hooks benefit the functionality of a store?

A2: WooCommerce hooks enable store customization without modifying the core code, making it easier for developers to add extra features, maintain the store, and improve compatibility during updating processes.

Q3: What are the types of WooCommerce hooks available?

A3: There are two types of WooCommerce hooks: filters, which allow manipulation of variables, and actions, which enable adding custom code at different points in actions.

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